Lullabies & Alibis

A novel by...Stephanie D. Lewis

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Part Memoir, Part Personal Confession, Part Psychological Thriller, All Entertaining!

Lullabies and Alibis

MARRIAGE - MOTHERHOOD - MADNESS - MISTAKES! Not everything is as it appears to be in life. Nordis Spect is a deeply passionate, eccentric woman on an intense quest to have the daughter she´s always dreamed of. After having three sons, the ultrasound finally says, "Girl!" and Nordis is in pink heaven! BUT... circumstances change and suddenly Nordis finds herself involved in a bizarre and life-altering plan that not only leads to the love and acceptance of her newborn son, but ultimately of herself and the other relationships in her life. Honesty, trust, and faith triumph over deceit, insecurity, and rejection in this upside-down, inside-out personal tale, intimately crafted with humor and sincerity. FOR ANYONE WHO HAS EVER TRIED TO CONTROL THEIR OWN DESTINY AND THEN HAD THEIR LIFE SPIN OUT OF CONTROL!

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"Lullabies & Alibis is an intense psychological romp through MARRIAGE, MOTHERHOOD, MISTAKES, and MADNESS. With the emphasis on madness! Ms. Lewis writes with an authority and vulnerability that is at once both quietly unsettling and enormously satisfying. Nordis Spect embodies a little bit of each of us, if we're honest."

Abigail Linford, PhD, MFT
Author of, “Letting Go of the Dream, Embracing the Reality”

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